Cátedra Gover Obert

23/Mar/2018 (107 Views) Business Chairs
Consult the webpage: Cátedra Govern Obert

Roche classroom

23/Mar/2018 (99 Views) Business Chairs
Consult the webpage: Roche Classroom

Relations with Companies Blog

31/Oct/2017 (564 Views) Students
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‘Plan Your Work Placement’ Tool

‘Plan Your Work Placement’ Tool

31/Oct/2017 (863 Views) Students, Companies
Intership Calculator The Internship Calculator is a new web application that facilitates the processing of a Internship. It also allows ...

UPV Business Chair

28/Oct/2017 (223 Views) Business Chairs
Check out the webpage:  UPV Business Chair


25/Oct/2017 (214 Views) Entrepeneurship
  START.inf offers the chance to take part in a technology training programme, work in teams, and create software products. Click ...


25/Oct/2017 (227 Views) Entrepeneurship
  STARTUPV is an entrepreneurship ecosystem at the Universitat Politècnica de València, which encapsulates a group of workspaces ...