What does the Mentor programme entail?

Mentor is a support programme for exchange students at UPV, whereby regular ETSINF students provide them with the support and help needed to integrate into the university.

The mentor programme puts foreign students in contact with UPV students who are doing similar studies at UPV, with the aim of helping the new students before their incorporation, particularly during their first days.
UPV Mentor students may help foreign students with tasks such as: filling out registration documents, searching for accommodation, practising speaking in Spanish, collecting them from the airport, getting around in Valencia, and other useful advice on daily life.

How to register

To become a Mentor, you must go to your UPV Intranet and visit the OPII section (Office of International Exchange Programmes).

You must register as a UPV student by entering your DNI number and PIN. From the registration page you will have be able to:

  • Register as a Mentor
  • View the Mentor Guide and additional information
  • Check if you have Mentor students and their names

How are students assigned?

Foreign students are assigned by the ETSINF International Office based on your degree and the information you provided in the registration form (availability, timetable, knowledge of languages, etc.).

Is there any remuneration?

Foreign students who have had an ETSINF student Mentor must fill out a final assessment form about him/her. The form is available on the OPII website, in the private user area, one month after they join ETSINF.

The ETSINF student Mentor shall receive a greater or lesser amount of remuneration based on the results of this form. Remuneration includes:

  1. Free choice of credits
  2. Bonus points in the Erasmus selection
  3. Bonus points in the Promoe selection

For more information email

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