How to publish a work placement offer in external companies

PEIX: Computer Platform for Company Work Placements

The School of Computer Engineering has its own system for offering Company Work Placements for its students.

The objective of PEIX is to facilitate contact between its students and companies or institutions.

Companies may publish their offers and follow up on replies received via the website.

Companies may also access a database of students’ CV’s for their selection processes.


The first step for using the system is to sign up as a registered user. In the companies section there is a link -register- which will take you to the registration form. You must fill out the information of the company and a user. By accepting the form, the system will send you a password which will allow you to access the site as a PEIX user.


A registered user may send its offers from the option publish an offer. It will display a form where you can enter the proposed tasks, the ideal student profile, work conditions, etc.
The offer shall be published after having been reviewed and approved by the Company Work Placement Office. It will then be available for students to view.


From the My Offers option, registered users may check the offers sent by companies and their statuses.
For each published offer it will display the number of replies received and they may view the corresponding CV’s.

With the CV’s received they may make direct contact with students for their selection process and choose the best candidate for the position.


Registered users may shortlist students based on the system’s CV database. This search will always be linked to an offer published on the system.
The CV’s in the results shall only contain academic and professional information, not contact information. Offers may be sent to students with suitable profiles so that they can review them and reply with their complete CV if the offer is of interest to them.


Modify my information

Any registered user may modify their company and personal information.
Change PIN

You may also change your password

Delete PEIX

You may delete your account from our system at any time. This means that the company, the user, and any offers made will be removed from the system.

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