Schedules 2019-2020 ONLINE

Connect to the online application of the ETSINF, to know all the schedules, teachers and classrooms of the subjects taught at the School.

Schedules and online spaces of all degrees and subjects(*)

(*)IMPORTANT: Schedules may change. It is advisable to check periodically until the student’s enrollment date.

Schedules 2019-2020 PDF

Here you will find the schedules in pdf of each one of the degrees that are taught in the ETSINF.(**)

(**)Throughout these days the missing schedules of courses and qualifications will be added. While you can check the schedules of your subjects in the previous section HORARIOS ONLINE

Schedules Degree in Computer Engineering

(publication date: 07/18/2019)
Schedules GII

Schedules Degree in Data Science

(publication date: 07/16/2019)
Schedules GCD

Schedules Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management

(publication date: 09/02/2019)
Schedules GIINFADE

Schedules University Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering (MUIINF)

(publication date: 07/24/2019)
Schedules MUIINF

Schedules University Master’s in Information Management (MUGI)

(publication date: 07/21/2019)
Schedules MUGI

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