Procedures and Deadlines

Procedures and deadlines

VERY IMPORTANT: Once the placement at the company has been agreed and 10 days before the start date, an original copy of the work placement agreement must be sent /see Work placement application – PLAN YOUR WORK PLACEMENT) to the ETSINF Company Work Placement Office (1G building), signed by both the company (and stamped), the ETSINF-UPV professor-tutor and the student. NO DOCUMENTATION SHALL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DEADLINE. All information and forms can be found at have a summary at: More info at: Send a Policonsulta to ETSINF – “Practiques en Empresas” or ask to if you have any doubt.

Please note when processingWork Placements Abroad, in one of the following countries:

  1. [Group 1] Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, United Kingdom*, Sweden.
  2. [Group 2] Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Holland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Portugal,Czech Republic, Turkey.
  3. [Group 3] Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania.
*Stays with Erasmus + Internship grants in the United Kingdom are possible until May 2023. In this case, the procedure is recommended to be carried out at least 6 months in advance.

For these countries you must follow Erasmus+ Work Placement instructions and procedures (and not the former). More information can be found at

For these countries you must follow Erasmus+ Work Placement (and not the former) to obtain the grant Erasmus+ Work Placement(in addition to the grants negociated with companies).
More info at:
Informative Video:


If work placement is carried put in Switzerland, the Swiss government will provide some aid (similar to Erasmus+ Work Placements). Find out more by emailing with any questions.

Send a Policonsulta to ETSINF – Academic exchange or ask to if you have any doubt.



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