External Master’s Degrees

Master’s Degree in Parallel and Distributed Computing

Experts predict there will be huge growth in Cloud and Parallel computing, thus leading to greater demand for professionals capable of developing advanced computer services in the Cloud, and Supercomputing Centres.

This master’s degree provides a technical foundation for how to create current Cloud and High-Performance Computing (GPU’s and multi-cores) platforms, as well as describing the advances in research with those who are attempting to find solutions to unresolved problems in these fields.

Duration: 60 ECTS credits


Master’s Degree in Computer and Network Engineering


This master’s degree focuses on networked computer systems, a field which has an ever-increasing impact on business activity and which is constantly leading to technological advances. It encompasses high-performance networks, multimedia networks, wireless networks, industrial control networks, sensor networks, chip networks, network reliability and security, computer clusters, distribution systems and architecture, and web performance.

Duration: 60 ECTS credits


Master’s Degree in the Technology and Engineering of Software Systems

One of the key reasons for success in the development of software and computer systems is found in the way it uses certain methods and tools to create reliable and quality software. The master’s degree training programme aims to prepare future researchers and professionals in technology advances in the fields of software engineering, multiple paradigm software technology, and information systems which they must know and master.

Duration: 60 ECTS credits


Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence, Shape Recognition, and Digital Imaging

We train professionals and researchers in the fields of artificial intelligence, shape recognition, digital imagining, and language technology. The training for the master’s degree includes the design of intelligent systems, and application of artificial intelligence technology, image processing, computer vision and biometric technology, computer graphics, synthetic image, virtual and augmented reality, video games, machine translation, processed translation, and searching for translation terms in a corpus.

Duration: 60 ECTS credits


Master’s Degree in Industrial Automation and Industrial Computing

The main objective of this master’s degree is to train specialists in industrial computing and industrial automation so that they are capable of designing, implementing, operating, and maintaining automated systems which supervise, control, handle, and manage production processes which require high-performance computer systems.

Duration: 60 ECTS credits


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