The School of Computer Engineering (ETSINF) Advisory Council, which began in 2010, is an initiative whose primary goal is to be a body for assessing the School in terms of strategy and future with regards to the centre’s profile, quality improvement, training innovation, and the relationship with the professional world and society. With this objective in mind the Advisory Council is made up of professionals with renowned prestige in the field of information technology, some of whom former students of the School, and by leading professors.


The aim of the School of Computer Engineering Advisory Council at UPV is to assist and evaluate the Management and the Centre Board with the following objectives and actions:

  • Promotion – To provide a channel of communication with companies and institutions which serves to promote the compliance with the social responsibility of the centre with society fostering relations which provide a mutual benefit.
  • Strategic vision – To promote and assist the ETSINF in the development of strategic objectives and designing new qualifications as well as generating good practice with the centre’s profile at both a national and international level.
    cara a la visibilidad del centro a nivel nacional e internacional.
  • Assistance – To become a forum for consulting and revising the centre’s plans for studies, programmes, and strategies.


Berti Barber Castella Social Council Representative of UPV. Director of Marketing & Sustainable Projects and co-founder at Teika.
Elisa Martín Garijo Director of Technology and Innovation at IBM España
José Manuel García Duarte Managing Director of Information and Communication Technology at the Generalitat Valenciana
Francisco Casacuberta Nolla Professor at DSIC
Alfons Crespo Lorente Professor at DISCA
Alfredo Ibáñez Navarro-García Mercadona Project Manager. Former centre student
Manuel José Peña Marco Managing Partner at Kiteris. Entrepreneur and Businessperson at TIC. Former centre student
Silvia Terrasa Barrena Centre Director
Xavier Molero Prieto Centre Secretary
Francisco Javier Castro Pérez Regional Manager of Telefonica for the Balearic Islands, the Valencian Community and Murcia. Former centre student
Manuel Portolés Morales Student of the center
Ana Darder Navarro Founding Partner of EDICOM. EDICOM Talent Development Director. Member of the UPV Social Council

Advisory Council Regulation

Regulation adopted on 11-07-2018.

Regulation adopted on 22-4-2010.