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Como buscar empresas/instituciones (DIRE)

14/Jun/2023 (1657 Views) Students
A partir del próximo 1 de julio de 2023, el sistema para registrarse en las ofertas de prácticas va a cambiar. Se va a lanzar una nueva ...

Relations with Companies Blog

31/Oct/2017 (8287 Views) Students
Latest news from Relations with Companies Blog (Source: [wp-rss-aggregator exclude=”1025,9542″]
‘Plan Your Work Placement’ Tool

‘Plan Your Work Placement’ Tool

31/Oct/2017 (11935 Views) Students, Companies
Intership Calculator The Internship Calculator is a new web application that facilitates the processing of a Internship. It also allows ...

How to look for students

19/Oct/2017 (6374 Views) Students
PEIX: Computer Platform for Company Work Placements The School of Computer Engineering has its own system for offering Company Work ...

Work Placements Abroad

28/Sep/2017 (9331 Views) Students
Erasmus Programme+ Work Placements General Information on the Erasmus Programme+ Work Placements Opportunities for Erasmus+ Work ...

Procedures and Deadlines

28/Sep/2017 (11641 Views) Students, Companies
Procedures and deadlines VERY IMPORTANT: Once the placement at the company has been agreed and 10 days before the start date, an ...

Registration on the IES-UPV Database

27/Sep/2017 (11074 Views) Students
CV Database OPTION A:REGISTER ON THE IES (UPE Database) If you wish to do a Company Work Placement, you must register as stipulated by ...