ETSINF’s Master’s Degrees

Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering

We train highly-qualified professionals to perform their jobs to peak level by offering advanced training thus providing them with the skills needed to plan and design products, processes, and equipment in all fields of Computer Engineering.

The master’s degree has been designed with a clearly professional focus, it considers how Computer Engineering is used in companies and institutions. Students’ professional development will be most notable via their end of master’s degree project in technology companies, seminars taught by professionals in the sector, the promotion of entrepreneurship, and the development of skills associated with professional practices.

Duration: 120 ECTS credits

Master’s Degree in Information Management

We train specialists to be prepared to analyse, design, select, organise, manage, assess, optimise, and disseminate information products and services. We encourage multidisciplinary and innovative learning in a professional environment geared towards training highly-qualified professionals.

Duration: 90 ECTS credits

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