Important Dates DFP

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DFP 2019-2020 Important Dates DFP 2019-2020 Modified on June 04, 2020 To request any question address to the email:

Defence and Evaluation

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Defence and Evaluation Instructions for the Tribunal Members The document can be found at the following route in EBRON: Intranet / ...


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Guideline: Recommended Contents and Structure Recommended Contents and Structure Guideline: Writing and exposition advices Document ...

Forms and Applications DFP

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Forms and Applications Personal data sheet external tutor EDP (.pdf) (Editable PDF File) Personal data sheet external tutor Withdrawal ...


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Regulation Framework UPV Regulation MFP/DFP   Internal DFP Regulation Internal Regulation   To request any question address ...

EBRON (EDP/EMDP Management App)

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EBRON (EDP/EMDP Management App) EDP/EMDP How to register a EDP/EMDP (Spanish)   Application Manual (Spanish) The application ...