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28/Apr/2023 (4427 Views) MFP
Regulation UPV Framework for EMDP Regulation Please send any questions to the following email address: Policonsulta

Important Dates

10/Apr/2023 (8594 Views) MFP
EMDP 2023-2024 Important Dates EMDP 2023-2024 Modified on October 4, 2023 To request any question address to the email: ...

List of professors to tutor agreed TFMs

05/Oct/2021 (4278 Views) MFP
List of professors to tutor agreed TFMs List of professors to tutor agreed TFMs MUIINF List of professors to tutor agreed TFMs MUCC ...

Forms and Applications

03/Oct/2021 (3054 Views) MFP
Forms and Applications Assignment renewal EDP/EMDP (PDF Editable) Assignment renewal EDP/EMDP Personal data sheet external tutor EDP ...

Guides and recommendations MFP

02/Oct/2021 (4595 Views) MFP
Guides and recommendations MFP Guide: Structure and Recommended Contents Structure and Content of a TFM Guide: Recommendations for ...

Defence and Evaluation

15/Nov/2017 (4352 Views) MFP
Defence and Evaluation Instructions for Board members The document can be found at the following route in EBRON: Intranet / Aplicación ...

EBRON (EDP/EMDP Management App)

10/Nov/2017 (6729 Views) DFP, MFP
EBRON (EDP/EMDP Management App) EDP/EMDP How to register a EDP/EMDP (Spanish) Application Manual (Spanish) The application manual can ...

Templates MFP

09/Nov/2017 (6838 Views) MFP
MFP Templates Very Important:: The MFP memory title must match with the assigned MFP title.. Template MFP MUGI (.docx) Template MFP ...