Pre-enrolment and enrolment Master period B

Pre-enrolment and enrolment Master period B

05/Sep/2019 (709 Views) Access and Admission, News, Secretary
On September 3 to 11, 2019 will be open the deadline for Master pre-enrolment period B. Deadline for the consideration of academic ...

PIECES OF ASSESSMENT 2019-2020 – Exams

02/Sep/2019 (5248 Views) Calendars and Schedules
Planned Pieces of assessment (Exams) academic year 2019-2020 The pieces of assessment for the academic year 2019-2020 course, as well ...

Salary scholarship call for rent

29/Jul/2019 (498 Views) Scholarships, Aids and Awards
Call for a salary linked to income for university studies during the 2019/20 academic year at the public universities of the Valencian ...