ETSINF Academic Model 2020-2021

ETSINF Academic Model 2020-2021

The Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria Informàtica, ETSINF, has developed an academic model that tries to satisfy the sanitary restrictions foreseen for the first semester of the next academic year, taking into account the available resources (spaces, facilities) in the center.

In order to guarantee the maximum attendance of the students and at the same time maintain the design of the existing schedules, several budgetary investments have been made to equip the largest number of classrooms (those with the highest capacity) with audiovisual recording and remote transmission systems. of the classes.

With this model, we want to ensure that, either in person or remotely, students can attend classes and teachers can teach them, guaranteeing the planned health measures to face the COVID-19 pandemic.

In general, and regardless of the teaching model (face-to-face or online), teachers must attend and teach their classes (or monitor and interact with students) during their class time. We are facing an online model served. Next, for each Degree, the teaching model with the type of presence in the classrooms according to the groups, practices and evaluation is detailed in:

Bachelor’ Degree in Computer Engineering (includes the Double Degree)
Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering
Master’s Degree in Information Management

Access all the information at this link: ETSINF Teaching Model for the 2020-2021 academic year


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