Academic regulations and Assessment by Academic Curriculum

Academic Regulations

In this section you can find the academic regulations, we consider them to be fundamental and mandatory that each Centre student knows.

  1. 1. Regulation on Progress and Continuity for Official University Degrees and Master’s Degrees

  2. Academic Regulation and Assessment of Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree Students (UPV)
    • o The aim is to establish Academic Regulations and student assessment regulations at UPV. Regulatory provisions have been developed in various Degrees, note point IV of the academic curriculum Assessment which defines and regulates the procedure, its scope and limitations, as well as the way this assessment’s results are reflected in the academic record.

Assessment by Academic Curriculum

Información sobre Evaluación por Curriculum
Normativa de la Subcomisión de Rendimiento Académico y Evaluación Curricular para el procedimiento de evaluación.

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