UPV Regulations and recognition tables


After having completed registration within the deadline established on the academic calendar, the student must complete a request for credit recognition via their intranet.

Credits earned from the following may be recognised:

  1. Official university studies, from the same or another university
  2. Official Higher Education (High-Level Vocational Training)
  3. Non-Official University Studies (own degrees)
  4. Accredited work and professional experience, as long as said experience is related to the skills inherent in the official degree you wish to take.


Credits earned for any original subject/course may be recognised taking into account the relevance between the skills, contents, and workload associated with the subjects/courses originally passed by the student, and that anticipated for the study plan for the future desired degree. In this sense the minimum equivalence required between past and future studies for gaining recognition is 75%.

End of Degree Projects cannot be used for credit recognition.

Documentation required::

The documentation used to accredit any credits earned must be electronically added to the request and the original and a photocopy must be submitted to the secretary’s office once the request has been made on the intranet in order to process the confirmation:

  1. Accreditation of official university studies::
    • If studies were performed at UPV: no documentation required.
    • If studies were taken outside UPV: personal academic record and official course programmes.
  2. Accreditation of studies in High-Level Vocational Training (CFGS): academic certificate.
  3. Accreditation of passing non-official university studies university own degrees from UPV or other universities): academic certificate issued by the university’s authorised body, and (if applicable) the person in charge of the own degree. Furthermore, the course programme showing passed courses must be provided for credit recognition.


The Academic Degree Committee (CAT) for the Degree in Computer Engineering (II) shall review the recognition of credits as long as they are related to the skills inherent to the degree.
It must provide reliable and sufficient accreditation, having had the work experience in their job for at least 3 months, performing equivalent or higher functions than those for which they are qualified by the degree and having acquired the skills associated to the courses to be recognised.
The recognition for accredited professional or work experience shall be 10 ECTS credits for every year worked.

La documentación acreditativa de los méritos alegados se incorporará de forma electrónica en la solicitud y se deberá entregar original y fotocopia, para proceder a su cotejo, en la secretaría una vez cumplimentada la solicitud por la intranet.

La documentación es la siguiente:

  • A working life report showing all work history in the contribution group of the General Social Security System which the applicant considers correlating with the skills corresponding to the courses which they wish to be recognised or, if applicable, a Certificate from the corresponding Body.
  • Certification from the company or body (signed and stamped by the person in charge) in which it states that the interested party has carried out work or professional activity for a certain period so that they can request credit recognition. The information on the working history report and the request must match.
  • For those who perform as liberal professional not registered as self-employed, the Census Certificate from the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT)..
  • Certificate of Public Administrations, if applicable, in which it specifies the work role, its duties, and its start date.
  • Certificate from Hacienda, if applicable, or registration for professional activity.


COMPUTER ENGINEERING DEGREE/strong> Recognition limitations
Transfer Programme for Technical Engineers
A total number of 30 ECTS credits can be recognised, a maximum of 24 of which may be recognised for work experience or accredited professional experience
Rest of students from
Bachelor’s Degree
The number of credits recognised in conjunction with having completed non-official university studies or for work experience or accredited professional experience may not exceed 36 ECTS credits.

The minimum number of credits to be completed to be eligible for the bachelor’s degree shall be 60 ECTS credits as well as the completion of an End of Bachelor’s Degree Project. Excluding transferred students or those registered on the return graduates programme.


Similarly, it shall limit recognition for students from the Transfer Programme for Technical Engineers (return graduates) under the follow circumstances:
When the rule is defined by the transfer of a subject from the required degree (Technical Engineers or those with Computing Degrees) to begin the programme required to transfer to the Degree, said rule shall only be applied when the transferred optional subjects (or free elective) correspond in the degree of origin to an excess of credits not required to obtain the degree from which the diploma can be accessed.
The CAT for Computer Engineering Degrees shall study each case and present a resolution proposal to the Subcommittee for the Recognition of Credits, whether successful or not, on the recognition requested for studies and/or work experience in accordance with the applicable general criteria found in UPV’s general regulations.


  1. Complete registration
  2. Request recognition of credits for studies and/or work experience
    • Completion of request: This must be done electronically by accessing students’ intranet, in the section Virtual Secretary/Requests/Recognition Requests.
  3. Submit documentation:

    • o The request along with the documentation must be submitted to the centre’s secretary’s office. Remember that all documentation must be previously submitted on the intranet.

In Valencia, July 2018

ETSINF Secretary’s Office

Deadline periods

The deadline period for presenting Credit Validation/Credit recognition requests once students have completed registration shall be between 15 July and 4 September 2019, (inclusive).

Requests must be made via students’ intranet. Once printed they must be submitted together with any necessary documentation to the centre’s secretary’s Office.


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